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New home owner Adam had always wanted a large projection system instead of a typical flat panel TV in his living room. After doing some research he discovered that this could be possible with a Screen Innovations (SI), Black Diamond Zero Edge Screen.

The system installation was a little beyond his own DIY skills so Adam had contacted (Another Local Home Theater Company) to perform the work. “The guy from [Another Local Home Theater Company] told me it was impossible”, Adam said. So he reached out to Screen Innovations directly who pointed him to Central Valley Entertainment Systems (CVES).

Adam knew what he wanted and wasn’t going to take impossible for an answer, Chris Burford, Lead Systems Designer at CVES recalls. Anything is possible, sometimes we just have to look outside of the box in order to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

This would cause some problems with wiring and power for the projector.

The so-called Impossible came from a number of hurdles.

  • First, the room was incredibly bright. Typically projection systems require dark rooms with controlled light sources to not take away from the image quality.

  • Second, the location of the system was to be on the bottom floor of a two-story home with no access to attic space above.

Solution Seekers

dedicated-theater-imageTo tackle these issues CVES began by performing a walk-through of the location with Adam to determine all of his needs for the system and come up with a solution. “Before we begin designing any system, its essential that we ask as many questions as possible to understand exactly what the clients vision is so that we can specify the right solutions,” Chris states. “Something as simple as the color of a speaker can change the entire outcome of a system.”

After the initial walk-through CVES sat down to come up with a solution for Adam’s dream video system. Adam already knew that he wanted a SI Black Diamond screen. Regarding the screen Chris explained, “The [Black Diamond] technology allows the screen to reject up to 85% of the ambient light in the room. It is by far some of the coolest technology that has come out in the last decade and totally changed the way we look at projection and the areas that are suitable for front projection systems.” Adam was also fairly certain that he would purchase an Epson projector because of their outstanding price point for the quality of product and high reputation.

CVES and Adam ended up agreeing on the Home Cinema 5030UB. “We decided on the 5030 as the best bang for the buck and Adam agreed. It also comes with a wireless video option! This would save us a ton of installation time, and save Adam quite a bit off of the total installation process,” Chris says. Using the wireless version of the Epson Projector, the 5030UBe, CVES was able to keep from having to cut through the ceiling and run wire through the spacing between the floors of the house. This would have caused extensive damage to the ceiling and would have required additional drywall work and painting. Adam agreed on a 106 Inch Zero Edge Black Diamond screen. The Zero Edge screen is rigid with a boarder of less than 1 inch and looks like a flat panel TV on the wall. Adam also wanted LED lighting installed behind the screen. Adams fiancé was apprehensive about the installation at first. After the installation he commented, [She] actually likes the screen! Lol!

“I think it was so essential to get the LED backlighting, it just makes the thing so much more appealing to people.”

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