Custom Home Theaters are one of the best additions you can make to your home and can be done for almost any price level. Just as important as the visual experience is the audio equipment you have to round out your system.

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When you work with Central Valley Entertainment Systems for your home theater you will have access to some of the best brands in the business and professional installation by our experienced and trained installers.  Even if your home isn’t ready for a complete home theater, Central Valley Entertainment Systems can also mount your Plasma and LCD TV including concealed wiring (behind walls) and hook-up to existing components and install surround sound speaker.

When it comes to installation, we can offer an array of creative solutions to enhance the aesthetics of the visual experience. We keep an emphasis on cable management so that your home theater has an impressive look and feel. We are also very knowledgeable with connecting your components so that you get the best picture and sound from the products that you own. We also have the ability to calibrate your system to tweak and optimize your equipment to obtain the highest quality possible.


A surround sound audio system can be installed in just about any room to enhance the viewing experience.

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